PROVEN EFFECTIVE I do not train you to “fight” per se. I teach techniques that focus on ending or preventing an assault in a manner that ensures your survival above the safety of the attackers. Our objective is to train with the tools of Filipino Martial Arts to develop an unfair advantage over would-be assailants. I also cover basic legal justifications for employing a Comjuka-Kali Systems technique. Our Objective legally is to stay out of jail if forced to defend our lives. YOU WILL LEARN •	Weapons Disarming •	Combat Knife Techniques •	Various Weapons Combat Techniques •	Unarmed Combat Techniques •	Advanced Combat Techniques •	Combat Ground Techniques •	Throws and Take-downs •	Advanced Take-downs and Throws •	Multiple Opponent Strategies & Techniques •	Quickly End an Attack COMJUKA-KALI SYSTEMS FILIPINO-AMERICAN SCHOOL OF COMBAT ARTS No. 003 On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some weekends for seminars, I conduct classes in my humble garage so class acceptance, and space, is limited. I teach the Filipino Martial Arts I was taught by Tuhon Gaudiosa Ruby, Grandmaster and Founder of the Comjuka-Kali Systems. The Filipino Combat Martial Arts have been historically proven in battle. The Comjuka-Kali Systems is a comprehensive FMA Systems that includes several FMA Systems. (“Battle Proven Plus”)  As all students in the past, to begin classes every student must first:  ·	Provide a Police Background Check ·	Provide Character References – (at least 5) ·	Join the United States Kali Association Inc. ·	Sign Injury Waiver of Liability Form.  CONTACT ME FOR PRICE DETAILS - FIRST WEEKS LESSONS ARE FREE WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR CLASSES. CLASS SCHEDULE:   TUESDAY & THURSDAY 7:00pm - 8:30pm •	1Pair of Rattan or Composite Sticks * •	1 Pair of Practice Knives (wood, rubber, or aluminum) •	Specialty Weapons will be Introduced along your training journey. •	T-Shirts and some sort of work-out/training Pants - No shorts or tank-tops - Remove jewelry (except wedding band) •	NOTE: “LIVE BLADES” ARE USED ON SPECIFIED CLASS DATES    * YOU MUST ACQUIRE YOUR OWN STICKS WITHIN ONE MONTH BUT MAY USE OURS UNTIL THEN REQUIRED EQUIPMENT Filipino Combat Martial Arts Seminars are a great way to get “jump starts” in your training. ALL Martial Arts are about developing muscle memory. Muscle memory requires repetition and seminars help develop your muscle memory so your reactions become automatic and effective.      Police Tactics Seminars are of course Law Enforcement requirement based but are also for those who wish to supplement their training or those who teach Martial Arts and or Police Self Defense Tactics. AVAILABLE FOR SEMINARS SATURDAYS: 9:00 am to (1:00 pm or 4:00pm) CERTIFICATES AWARDED AT CONCLUSION OF SEMINAR TEXT - MESSAGE or *CALL:  (254) 290 - 4376 *No CALLS Between 9:00pm to 9:00am Please* BORN FROM WAR Throughout the centuries the Filipino Cultures were threatened by war and or a would-be conquering group or nation. The Filipino Martial Arts was therefore born from mortal necessity. Whatever worked! That is the overall mantra of the Filipino people.  WE KEEP WHAT WORKS The survivors of these wars and invasions would teach the techniques they used to defeat the enemy, or at the very least - survive. The different techniques were passed down within the family in most cases because it was more often than not families simply defending their lives and land.  Eventually there were enough techniques that a Filipino Martial Arts System was developed and passed on again, usually within the family. AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE In these current times of political discord, religious qualms, and growing economic pressures, there are a lot of desperate people who will not think twice about hurting someone else for their own personal gain. The Filipino Martial Arts is a great way to achieve an unfair advantage over would-be assailants.  ENHANCES OTHER ARTS We have practitioners with backgrounds in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Fencing, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, MMA, and yes, even Krav Maga. If you study another Filipino Martial Art or other Martial Arts Style, you will find the Filipino Martial Arts surprisingly enhancing to your training. PHYSICAL & MENTAL BENEFITS There are many benefits that you will enjoy studying Filipino Martial Arts. Of course, you can achieve the normal accolades boasted like, Self Confidence, Greater Health, Developed Greater Awareness - Reflexes and Overall Greater Balance. In addition to these attributes there is an unexpected level of maturity development due to the practice with real weapons.  REAL WEAPONS What sets the Filipino Martial Arts apart from most of the other styles is that we begin training with weapons. This is not considered sporting but we are not training for sports. We train to end or better yet, avoid an attack. Rattan (Shown), Other Approved Woods, and Composite Wood, Dull Metal, Rubber (shown) or Composite Pipe training is encouraged AFTER several months of training to avoid injury SPECIALTY WEAPONS: Introduced at Instructors Descretion & after aproximately six months of classes AND at Instructors Discretion.
Knowledge is power Success favors the prepared Unfair advantage                     Haiku by: Guro Dennis MORE CLASS INFORMATION WHAT WE TEACH WHAT WE TEACH CLASS SCHEDULE & GEN. INFO CLASS SCHEDULE & GEN. INFO CONTACT GURO DENNIS CONTACT GURO DENNIS EQUIPMENT YOU WILL NEED EQUIPMENT YOU WILL NEED SEMINAR INFO Gain an Unfair Advantage Let’s Get Started Let’s Get Started
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